Margie Rey –

Matchmaker to Your Destiny...

Margie Rey has worked in the matchmaking industry for over 12 years. She has been working with some of California’s most eligible bachelors and bachelorettes. Margie possesses very high standards. Successful people searching for “that special 

someone” appreciate what she knows and how personal her relationship services are. Her experience in this industry has taught her that business and financial success does not guarantee happiness. This is where Margie shines.


“Let me help fill that relationship void that keeps you from moving forward toward your personal goals. Life is complete when you love the one you share it with”.


How does she know and understand people so well? Her varied business career has allowed her to work and interact with countless successful and dynamic individuals. She started as a flight attendant. This enabled her to meet thousands 

of people and travel the world. Later, as an entertainment and red carpet reporter (, she has interviewed hundreds of celebrities including TV, film and sports stars, politicians, US presidents, and famous business executives. These unique opportunities have made Margie very comfortable with people of all walks of life.” 


“Let me introduce you to the date that will change your destiny”


 = Margie Rey